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In the Studio

We spent two very enjoyable days at the Pacific Beats Recording Studio in Pacific Beach, CA. Our Grammy Award winning engineer/owner Alan Sanderson, not only brought out an incredible sound for each of us and our instruments, but he also really captured the essence of playing live.  A very cool experience! 


Dane Blackburn, Roy Jenkins and I tweaking details between takes on April 29th.

A neat "Candid Camera" moment of Carl Prescott and Jim Weiss in action.

                                                    These two have a groove so deep in the pocket it's down in the lint!

 Alden's turn in the booth!

Watching Alan do his magic at the console was really special. By the end of the two days, we'd taken to calling him the Hogwarts' Honor Grad!  


And, as he reminded me, "I don't do this as a hobby!"

The Look of Love

Sharon was on-hand and recorded a couple of memorable moments.

The first video reflects the engineer's in-time reaction to hearing Carl's solo on The Look of Love. And for the record: He's absolutely right!  Carl is a beautiful player. 


Let's Stay Together

Just a glimpse of the guys and I laying down the track to one of my favorite tunes, "Let's Stay Together."


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