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Alden's Endorsements

Alden is formally endorsed by Ford Drums and Vintage Logos, but would also like to direct your attention to a few other companies as well which he proudly uses and promotes.

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Ford Drums

If you are not familiar with Ford Drums, please take a moment to acquaint yourself with what I believe are the finest drums being offered today bar none.  The attention to detail these folks put into every aspect of building a quality drum is just phenomenal. I can proudly say I own four sets of Ford drums and each set is distinctive in its presentation, and is just a joy to play. Have you driven a band lately?

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Vintage Logos

I began my association with Shawn McNamara and Vintage Logos over eighteen years ago.  If you're a drummer looking to personalize your set with some awesome bass drum artwork, or a band leader looking to spruce up your band's logo, I definitely suggest you contact Shawn and see how they can help you.


Aquarian Heads

I became a convert to Roy Burns' Aquarian Heads over 20 years ago. In over 40 years of playing the drums, I have probably played every head marketed. No other company has had a product with the musicality, durability, and consistency as Aquarian Heads. As particular as I am about heads, I truly believe Aquarian really has the best selection of heads out today to fulfill any drummer's musical demands.


Zildjian Cymbals

Over a lifetime of playing drums, Zildjian Cymbals have been my one constant choice. With so many different product lines to choose from, their cymbals offer a huge palette of musical colors to compliment a wide range of styles. There are many choices of cymbals available for drummers today, but Zildjian's have the distinctiveness I keep going back to for my sound.

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Eisenhower Photography

I have been fortunate enough in this endeavor to be able to take advantage of the artistic talents of  Julie Eisenhower.  She not only made the actual photo shoot a very easy and relaxed experience, but she also produced a collection of great shots to choose from.  Please visit her site and consider her for your photography needs.

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Pacific Beat Recording Studio

Alan Sanderson made the recording of this demo material an absolute breeze. His laid back demeanor and the input he gave us along the way made the whole process a joy. I would thoroughly recommend any small group to take advantage of his studio and his vast expertise.