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Alden Merrill and AM Jazz

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AM Jazz at Callaway Winery in support of the Animal Rescue Kompany (A.R.K.) fundraiser, 2006.  Pictured (l-r) Tyler Eaton, Carl Prescott, Shelle, Alden, Jim Weiss, Louis Valenzuela.


AM Jazz in 2010 at the Calloway Winery. Pictured l-r Jon Harford, Valerie Pierce, Alden, Nathan Mills, Cecil McBee Jr. and Jim Weiss

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Since 2008 I have been fortunate enough to be associated with Ford Drums. If you're not familiar with Ford Drums, please take a moment to acquaint yourself to what I believe are the finest drums being offered today.

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Alden with Jay Gaylen, Partner, Ford Drums

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Watch Alden's participation in Ford Drum's "Salute to the Masters" presentation at the 2008 NAMM Show.

Old School Drum Fun

This past January 2017, Don Henig, Jimmy Ford and I got together at my place for a little old fashioned drum foolery.  Yes, I have outstanding neighbors. You should have seen the stuff that didn't get recorded! 

Afterwards, we went out for steak dinner to cap off what was truly a fun day on the drums. Enjoy!